Tuesday, October 30, 2012

1 Year Anniversary& Update... WTH Have I Been?

Yay.... One Year Anniversary on my blog!!!! 
I would have done a post a long time ago. I would have done a few pictures& videos but I Have Been Sick!!! I had a cold last week so around 10/22...
 Just a normal cold didn't think anything of it. But then a few days later my lips started to get really chapped to when I didn't want to go to work. So I took Thursday and Friday off of work. on Friday I noticed my lips were a really bad color and in shape. So I went to Urgent Care.... 
I get there and they tell me They can't do anything and I should be rushed to the ER! And I was freaking out so bad!! I was just thinking I was going to die or something! So I get there they did test on me and all kinds of stuff! They told me it was Steven-Johnson Syndrome.... And of course I wanted to know what was wrong with me so I asked the nurse if he knew anything so he looked up. And FYI if you wanna look it up be warned and my is not as bad as the one on the internet(Thank goodness!!!) 
So I was in the ER For 10 hours til I finally got a room in the hospital...
I spent the Weekend in the hospital(10/26-28) I was scary I never had to stay the night in the hospital before and it was all new to me. They also had me on a liquid diet and an IV so I was peeing A LOT. Lmao! But a few friends and family visited me while I was there. Saturday my friend Jamie visited me also Cody. On Saturday my Nana, Mom and Sisters visited me....
My poor sister got sick when she went to the hospital and fainted in the hallway. :((
But Yesterday I was finally able to leave the hospital. Yay!!!
So now I am home writing you this whole thing. Lol. Today is my Birthday and I am Sick... :/// It really sucks! But when I totally get better I am doing something For my Birthday! 
So that is a quick update and Happy 1 Year on Blogger!!!

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